Generic Zithromax 250 mg 90 pills

About Zithromax/Azithromycin:

Generic Zithromax 250 mg 90 pillsZithromax is a macrolide antibiotic in a semi-synthetic form. It is manufactured in the form of capsules, pills or in a liquid form to be supplied in bottles. It has an active ingredient named Azithromycin. The drug is also available in the market by its ingredient name rather than by its brand name. It is a low cost common drug.

Working of Azithromycin:

Azithromycin prevents the bacteria by reducing the production of proteins, which are essential for their growth. It will prevent them from producing proteins without which it will be difficult for the bacteria to grow and multiply in numbers. Antibiotics will only work and effective once you have reached a certain level of the bacteria. Therefore, it becomes important to take this medicine at the same time of the day. People may often wonder as to how much time it will take to heal the infection after starting the medication. However, Azithromycin works comparatively faster and its effect can be seen within three days of treatment. Three days after you start taking it you can easily observe a significant improvement and ease of the symptoms. However, this drug is not effective for flu or cold symptoms and other viral infections.

Cautions and safety measures:

It is advisable to continue the prescribed course of medication (prescribed by your doctor) and complete the full dosage even when you feel that you have recovered completely from the infection unless your doctor tells you to stop. The appearance of the Azithromycin drug in the breast milk is doubtful, and hence it is required to inform the doctor before you start taking this antibiotic medicine in case of pregnancy. Take the doses in appropriate count and. if you skip your dose you shouldn’t take a double dose to compensate for the lost dose, you should continue with the regular schedule (do not take a double dose unless your doctor prescribes it). Also consult a doctor or a pharmacist before you start or stop taking any other medicine. If you are a regular consumer of nelfinavir, then you may experience some side effects while taking Azithromycin antibiotic which you should inform your doctor.

Side effects of Azithromycin:

Every other medicine in the market may have some side effects and this antibiotic is not an exception. There may be some side effects associated with this medicine too. Some of the frequent side effects are pain in abdominal region, diarrhea, stomach upset, vomiting, and pain in the stomach. You may also come across symptoms of jaundice such as insomnia, nervousness, candidiasis, needles sensations, disturbances in hearing and abnormality in the heart beats. You should inform your doctor of any side effects you might be experiencing. If you experience an allergic reaction and its symptoms such as rash, swelling, itching, dizziness or having trouble breathing, then you should stop taking the medicine at once and consult your doctor immediately.

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