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Montelukast/Generic Singulair is structured and invented to be used in case of symptoms of prophylaxis and asthma in adults as well as infants of age of 12months and older. In some cases it is also used to treat the allergic reactions due to the extra sensitive nature of swollen and in-flamated air paths. This drug is available in pill forms and is chewable and in a fraction of 4mg, 5mg, 20mg and 100mg packs.

Frequently asked Questions about Generic Singulair

How does Montelukast work?

Montelukast works in body by blocking the action of leukotrienes which is responsible to make asthmatic condition worsen. So by blocking the mechanism of leukotrienes the drug directly reduces breathing problem, runny nose and sneezing like symptoms which can put the asthmatic patient in to sever worries.

Side Effects of Montelukast

Side effects that may arise due to the consumption of Montelukast are found to be mostly mild in nature. Some common side effects noticed by the consumption of the said drug are upset stomach, dizziness, nausea, vomiting, sleeplessness, weakness, cough and headache etc. Some side effects which are not normally noticed but tend to rise in some cases are high fever and flu symptoms. But there can be some dangerous side effects noticed in some which may be proved fatal if ignored and thus need immediate medical attention. These are like change in beheviour, stomach abnormalities, irregular heartbeat, yellowing of eyes, and change in colour of urine, seizures and muscle cramps.

The intake of Singulair also might cause allergic reactions like rash, sweeling, trouble in breathing or dizziness. So the use of alcohol and over dosage of the drug should be strictly avoided.

Irrespective of all these symptoms if you suffer from any other reaction then you should consult your doctor and should inform your drug supplier about the symptoms. But it is always advised to take some precautions before consuming just as inform your doctor about all your previous and present health records, the substances that are prone to allergic reactions in case of you and all the active consumption of any other drug. So that he will guide you properly with a proper dosage. But the pregnant and nursing mothers should stick to the advice given by their physicians.

Guidelines before taking Montelukast

Montelukast is an orally consumed drug available in pill forms and can be taken with or without food. The normal advised and most common frequency is once in a day. But it differs in treatment of different symptoms and also dependant on the degree of illness. So you should always stick to your doctor’s advice for a better output with fewer side effects. Cheap singulair can also be grabbed online.

What are the common dosages of Montelukast?

The most common dosages of Montelukast available in market are 4, 5 and 10mg packs. However the consumption amount differs in case of adults and infants. So both should consume the said drug as per physician’s prescription. The physician advised the amount of drug by examining the degree of illness and body capacity as well. The patient shouldn’t start or stop the drug consumption on his own. It is also advised to get Singulair online as this is found to be the cheapest option.

Difference between Brand Montelukast and Generic Singulair

Inspite of the difference in name both the versions differ in colour, shape, size and packaging as per which they are marketed and sold. They also differ from each other in terms of inactive compositions. The generic one is also cheaper in price than the brand one. But irrespective of all these differences they are same in active ingredients and found similar in mechanism and effect as well.

Where and How to buy Singulair?

The Generic Singulair is available both online and in pharmaceutical corners. You can buy singulair online as it will be cheaper than the market value. For this you also can compare between the prices and can grab the cheapest. The online order process is very simple and need to fill some forms and then you do need to purchase. Once the process got completed the shipment will be delivered to your address within shortest possible duration.