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Generic Plavix is the generic transformation of the brand drug Plavix. This drug can be chemically identified as Clopidogrel Bisulfate. This effective medicament therapy was introduced as the preventive measure that was discovered as a high potent solution to hinder the unnecessary blood clotting mechanism inside our body structure. This drug is the one significant solution to repress and treat this unintended blood coagulation. The effective mechanical interaction of the drug results the coagulated blood stream to change into a smooth flow and the high degree impact diminishes the chance of further future clotting. So this drug has become a popular and safe prescription of the physicians and also advised to treat the associated illness like heart disorders and can eventfully reduces the chances of a sudden heart stroke that can be caused by this clotting tendency. The patients who have been captured by the unstable angina can also adopt the consumption by the physician’s advice. The more awareness about the drug can be achieved by exploring the answers to the frequently asked questions.

Frequently asked Questions about Plavix

How does Generic Plavix ( Clopidogrel Bisulfate ) work?

Generic Plavix contains the efficient ingredients that can be considered as the most useful anti-platelet agents and the degree of effectiveness of these chemical inputs grabbed the FDA recommendation as the safest treatment to hinder the unusual blood clotting. This can be possible as the active ingredients of the drug react to stop the natural catalyst called as ADP in the mechanism of coagulation. So by hindering and preventing the originator the drug turned successful in putting a full stop in this mechanical disorder. So this helps in the smooth and free flow of blood through arteries to keep the vital organs safe and healthy.

Are there any known side effects of Plavix ?

Clopidogrel, if not consumed according to the physician’s advice then can react in certain cases in opposite direction that develops certain disorders and illness in forms of excessive bleeding, diarrhea, stomach pain and indigestion. These minor degree reactive tendencies can be treated by the medical help and the drug consumption can be carried forward without any interruption. But in certain cases the serious interactions may raise in forms of bleeding in lungs, high fever, skin rashes, some skin allergies and TTP that is blood cell disorder bears the high alert degree that can stop the intake or demands an alternative. So follow your physician in these cases to get rid from these factors.

Children and Pregnant women are strictly advised to stay away from the consumption and handling as per the medical guidelines. The patients who have kept on the routine consumption of the drug should keep themselves away from alcohol consumption as this can lead to sever adverse reactions. The patients should be alert in order to avoid the over dosage as this might harm his health. So be careful and avail the good effects instead of the ill ones.

Guidelines before taking Plavix

If you want to avoid the adverse reactions of the drug then follow the consumption measure and frequency exactly as described in your prescription. Never miss a dosage and neither gets involved in over dosage. The drug can be taken with or without any diet but the point to consider is that stick to a definite time every day to intake the drug as this will eventually spread the affectivity. If you recently went through stomach ulcer or heavy bleeding from head injuries then the drug should be avoided as this may increase the blood loss in these sensitive conditions.

What are the common dosages of Clopidogrel Bisulfate ( Generic Plavix ) ?

Generic Plavix is only available in a measure of 75mg. However the measures can be combined to avail the prescribed high amounts. The doctor will describe you the procedures in your prescription.

State the differences between Brand Clopidogrel Bisulfate and Generix Plavix ?

The two well known pharmaceutical houses that are Sanofi Aventis and Bristol Myers Squibb jointly carry the operation to manufacture and sell Brand Plavix. On the other hand the generic reformation can be availed as an output by numerous manufacturers. But the both are available under the one approved and permitted measure where the quality remains same but the color, shape and size creates a difference.

Where and how to buy Generic Plavix ?

Before buying Clopidogrel you should avail the physician’s prescription to get confirm that this is the right option for you and will be beneficial for you without hampering your body condition. After getting the prescription you can search the recognized approved online drug dealers who will provide you the best quality pack at cheapest price. They will also save you time, energy and money by providing you with the home delivery option.