What are the possible side effects of the Propecia?

The side effects marked in the clinical trials were rare and did not affect most men.Approximately 0.5% of the cases of men experienced any of the following side effects related to the sexual sphere: decreased libido (decreased sex drive) difficulty achieving an erection, decrease in the number of sperm the Side effects completely disappeared in men who stopped taking Propecia.

There is an opinion unambiguous about the involvement of Propecia these side effects for two reasons: the Side effects disappeared in most men (58%) who continued taking Propecia. In the control group, taking in place of a placebo (“dummy”, containing no really finasteride, but is issued for the drug) observed the same side effects and in the same Size! Propecia can affect the results of the blood test that detects prostate cancer. This does not mean that the use of the Property cause prostate cancer.

This means that, as a result of this analysis, you can make a false diagnosis. If you are about to undergo a test, report that you are taking Propecia to your doctor.As for the women who suffer from alopecia, the new drug is not meant for them at all.In the first place, because the positive effect pronounced of the use of the Propiedaden women are the beautiful sex is not observed. In the second place, there is a great risk of developing congenital malformations in the fetus if it is used finasteride during pregnancy.

The question often arises :” if I take Prop├ęsia and can be detrimental to my offspring, what if the possible appearance of finasteride in the seed?”. Clinical studies were conducted special on this topic. Supervised the presence of finasteride in the seed in 35 men, every day for 6 months you have taken the Propionate.In 60% of cases, the Propionate in the seed was not found at all.In the rest of the cases, the average level of Propionate in the seed was 0.26 nanogram / ml. the Highest value of the level was 1.52 nanogram / ml. If it is based on the assumption that the level of finasteride in the seed will always be the highest level detected, and in the vagina of a woman occurs daily 100% absorption of the dose of ejaculation of 5 ml, it turns out that the dose affects the human body, 750-fold lower than in the experiences in macaques, laboratory animals RH – classic.

That is to say, the dose is 750 times greater than in the case in question, did not cause macaco no side effect in the plan of development abnormalities, etc we didn’t find any abnormalities in the development of the male fetus when Propecia is administered intravenously directly into the blood of macaque RH-pregnant women at an amount, 750 times greater than the amount exhibited by a pregnant woman of a man who takes a daily 1 mg of finasteride (1 tablet of propionate).

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