What should be expected from the application of the Propecia?

The propecia generally produces very good results, allowing you to restore hair growth not only in the hair, but also in the area of the zalysin front. On the effectiveness of the Propiedaden the fight against baldness, says the fact that approximately in the men who took the Property, the amount of hair remained the same or increased, and 66% increased to a significant amount of new hair to change to fall.

And this was not the hair of the canyon (the feeling that something there seems to be growing), and the real hair is normal. The results obtained by different patients, naturally varies.The most important thing is that it is proven by clinical trials, the vast majority of patients who use the Propición, at least, retains the full amount of hair that they have today. Imagine that as you approach the mirror in two or three years, you will see that you have The same hairstyle this morning. And the great possibilities of that from the mirror you will see a very different person with a normal movement.

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