Causes Of Hemorrhoids

Causes of hemorrhoids may be due to varied grounds. The blood veins, which are in the rectal region, will respond to tension that is being strained in the area. Yet, the tension may come from different origins and may lead to hemorrhoids to be a troublesome condition, and also, cause pain. Being well-informed about the different reasons behind hemorrhoids can aid to transform your life in avoiding hemorrhoids from inflicting intolerable pain.

Causes Of Hemorrhoids


Constipation is the most common cause for hemorrhoids. Tension in the anal area is caused by the bowel movements, if a person is constipated. This will consequently put strain on the blood veins, leading them to become inflamed and irritated. Bleeding in this area is seen, if you are constipated. This is from the blood veins responding to the tension from the bowel movements. In sequence, you may be required to be adept on how to avoid constipation by means of various methods.


After constipation, pregnancy is the most typical reasons for hemorrhoids. This may be caused by different reasons. For instance, the continual tension that is happening in the blood veins in the rectal area can cause irritation. In turn, the blood veins will work harder as a result of a drastic increase of hormone levels. This will then put tension on them, resulting from inflammation and irritation. If a patient is pregnant or expecting to be pregnant, it is very important to know that this is a normal part of pregnancy. However, it is only for a limited period of time and will usually disappear after you have given birth.

Portal Hypertension

Another reason for hemorrhoids is portal hypertension. This is caused by too much pressure from the blood veins that protrude from the intestines to the liver. Consequently, this will lead to a smoother bowel movement and pressure from the blood veins and will cause hemorrhoids as a result. The various kinds of hemorrhoids that happen can lead to irritation and strain, as well as bleeding in the rectal and anal area.

Chronic Venous Insufficiency

This condition happens when the blood veins in the rectal region are delicate, and can easily be damaged. This put tension on the vessels, as they will have to put extra effort. Basically, the tension is also worsened with prolonged sitting or standing. If you are overweight, do not exercise habitually or you are smoking, it can also result to irritated blood veins.
Inflammatory Bowel Disease (IBS)

Inflammatory bowel disease may also cause hemorrhoids. This happens when you are constipated or you have diarrhea, as well as stomach pain from problems with your digestive system. It may lead to hemorrhoids to react since there is extra tension that is placed on the blood veins. This is very common if the condition is based on constipation.

Having hemorrhoids, it isbest to seek out what is the origin of hemorrhoids and why it is happening. After that, you can change specific parts of your lifestyle, such as your food intake to help avoid the hemorrhoids from being an incessant trouble.

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