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Generic Diovan is named and known as Valasartan. This drug is mainly used to treat high blood pressure or hypertension. It is also found to be effective to use in post attacks as well. It also helps to protect kidney in case of diabetic patients. This amusing drug is also sold under the names of Valzaar and Valtan.It has also gained fame when proved to be effective in case of Alzheimer’s disease. Generic Diovan drug is advised and prescribed by huge number of physicians. So it can be purchased online after having the proper specified prescription. You can choose from wide options available online to grab the cheapest.

Frequently asked Questions about Diovan

How does it work?

Generic Diovan starts showing its effect if consumed in a regular basis. It works to block the main reason fall behind rising blood pressure level and other fatal heart disease. It starts preventing the angiotensin II receptors and thus directly reduces the blood pressure level and fears of congestive heart failure.

Side Effects of the Valsartan

Consumption or overdose of Valasartan may cause headache, runny nose,constipation,blurring of vision, rashes and itching of skin, yellowing of eyes and skin, swelling of throat, face and lips, tiredness, chest pain and decreased sex drive etc. However pregnant ladies are strictly restricted to consume this drug as this may cause fatal changes in the foetus.

Guidelines before Taking Generic Diovan

It is strictly prohibited for the patients suffer from kidney and liver disorders and also restricted for the people suffer from dehydration due to any reason. Moreover it is really mandatory to seek doctor’s advice to consume the said drug. This drug can be taken with or without food. If you are on regular treatment of this drug then you need to check your blood pressure level properly on a daily basis. It is also not advised to consume while feel drowsiness due to its partial effect.

What are the common dosages of Valsartan?

The common dosages of valasartan varies between a range of 40mg to 300mg.You should consume the fraction as advised by your physician.

Difference between Brand Valsartan and Generic Valsartan

Both brand and generic Valasartan differ from each other in some negligible factors like colour,shape and size and may differ in fillers as well but found equal affective in nature keeping the main ingredient same.

Where and how to buy Generic Diovan online?

Diovan online can be purchased either by visiting the drug house physically or by placing the order online through any authenticated and approved drug house. The online purchase can be done with the help of major credit and debit cards. But now days the online drug providers even simplify the process by introducing cash on delivery option.