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Finasteride is a medication used to treat male pattern baldness and prostate cancer. It is the main and effective ingredient in two drugs .The first one is proscar which is meant to treat prostate cancer and the other one is propecia specially designed and developed to treat male pattern baldness. This drug is available in pill form and works by strengthening hair roots and also helps hair generation. If you want to have any information about propecia then you can get the all answers online and also can contact the local dealer who will provide you with more useful informations.You can also follow the frequently asked questions to enhance your product knowledge. While the original brand is propecia, there are many generic versions are available to treat baldness.

Frequently asked Questions about Propecia

How does Propecia / Finasteride work?

Drug Propecia is an antiandrogen that shows its effect on 5-alpha reductase.This enzyme comes in to action by converting testosterone to dihydrotestosterone the formation of which weakens the hair follicles and cause hair loss. Propecia after consumption shows its effect by watching the level of 5-alpha reductase.It got approved by FDA to treat male pattern baldness.

Side Effects of Propecia

Propecia is a FDA approved strong and suitable medication which reflects least side effects. But in some cases it shows its affect in form of impotence and a decreased volume of semen. These effects exist for a short while and generally volatile in nature.

Alternatives of Propecia which are the generic versions are found to show similar side effects. The chances of these side effects go away to minimum degree if consumed properly under the supervision of a good physician. These tablets are only designed for adult men. So young boys and women should keep a distance away from this drug.Pregnent women are even strictly restricted the handling of the drug as it can get absorbed by skin and can badly affect the unborn child.

Guidelines before taking Propecia

The drug propecia shows its best affect if consumed in a certain time on regular basis. So you need to fix up a definite time for the consumption. Mostly evening time is a preferred one to consume the drug. Care and alertness should be taken not to make an over dosage or double dosage for the missed one as this may lead to propecia side effects.

What is the most common dosage of Finasteride?

Propecia and other generic versions of Propecia are available in a single dosage of 1mg pack. So as per the common physician’s advice one dosage need to be taken daily in a particular time period.

Difference between Brand Propecia and Generic Finasteride

Branded Propecia and Generic Finasteride are similar drugs but produced by different manufacturers. So because of this they both differ in colour, shape and size. The packaging of generic Finasteride is also different from brand one.

Where and how to buy generic Finasteride?

You can get your pack easily by placing the order through online. You also can choose between the manufacturers who avail discounts to get the cheapest. It saves your time, energy and money as well as they will deliver your ordered pack in your address within shortest time possible.

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