Does the size of the penis matter?

Some men tend to naturally attract the hottest women to their sides. Seemingly blessed with good luck, these men have their pick of the crop and often have their women hanging on their every word. It’s anyones guess just what their secret may be, but it’s very likely that they are excellent lovers who leave their women completely satisfied.

Does the size of the penis matter?

Attention like this can be had by any man who is well equipped and in tune with his abilities and able to project his self-confidence in an appealing manner to women. Of course, once you’ve got the proper equipment in place then the rest will naturally follow.

The average man has a penis that is approximately six inches in length and about 1-2 inches in thickness, and based on several online surveys, almost 70% of women are dissatisfied with their lovers penis size. So with that information in mind, what are your options to ensure that you have every opportunity to get and keep the lover of your choice?

Those men who sport average or less than average erections may find a supplement like XtraSize to be of particular benefit for increasing length and girth as well as promoting overall health of the penis. Using completely all-natural ingredients in a proprietary blend that is manufactured in a state-of-the-art facility, the XtraSize penis enlargement pill has been helping men achieve larger, more powerful erections for quite some time!

When you have a large penis and you know that you can fulfil a woman’s utmost fantasies with your long thick shaft of love, then you will feel completely self-confident. This self-assuredness will carry over into all other aspects of life as your confident assertiveness at work as well as charming manner during social functions becomes more evident for all to see.

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