Hair loss Treatment Website Survey Results: Hair loss reaches into every part of life

Results of a survey conducted by the, the world’s most comprehensive website providing unbiased consumer information and free hair loss provider referrals, show that losing ones hair can be an all consuming experience that negatively affects many aspects of a normal life.

According to a spokesperson

According to a spokesperson, the survey queried its visitors about their hair loss conditions and how these have affected their day-to-day life. Not so surprisingly, we find that over ninety percent of the respondents who took our survey report that their hair loss makes them feel depressed, said Michael Garcia, spokesman for the The same amount related that their self-esteem and self-confidence had been negatively impacted by their hair loss condition.

Over four thousand visitors to the have participated in the study during the last year. Those who have completed the survey, which also queries for age, gender, and the type of hair loss condition suffered, receive HairLoss.coms free eBook publication The Complete Guide to solving hair loss. The EBook, written and published by, reviews all known hair loss for both men and women and details medical and cosmetic hair loss treatments for each.

Medical treatments refer to such procedures as laser hair therapy

Medical treatments refer to such procedures as laser hair therapy, hair transplant surgery or hair growth treatment with medications such as Propecia and Rogaine. Cosmetic treatments refer to procedures such as surgical hair replacement, hair systems, wigs and hair extensions.

The study confirms what many hair loss sufferers already understand about the nature of hair loss, said Garcia. Namely, that it is all consuming, that more than 90% of those who suffer from a chronic hair loss condition such as male pattern baldness or a receding hairline, not to mention alopecia areata, report that they think about their hair loss situation all the time unlike sometimes or not much.

Respondents were also asked which areas of their lives they felt hair loss adversely impacts them, with more than 90% responding that hair loss affects social life and more than 80% responding that work life and dating is affected. Anything less than 80% of the respondents replied that their home lives and intimacy were affected for the worst.

The survey, while not scientific, was developed, according to spokesman Garcia, to better understand the feelings of those who come to our website seeking treatment. Of course, it was only able to measure the opinions of those who visit and take the survey. Many individuals Arent affected negatively by their hair loss. But for those who are affected, we want to make sure that still a leader not only in providing the best individualized hair loss treatments, but to do it with understanding, warmth and compassion.

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