How can you effectively increase your penis size

Whether you have a below average penis size, or simply wish to add some more to your existing size, with so many penis enhancement options available to you, where do you begin?

How can you effectively increase your penis size

First you need to identify the various options so that you can find out more about each one and how it can provide you with the most benefits. The most popular options for penis enlargement tend to be; penis enlargement exercises, natural penis enhancement pills, temporary penis pumps, penis enlargement surgery, penis growth patches and finally there are penis extenders.

Penis enlargement exercises often provide hit and miss results. You must perform several exercises on a daily basis for maximum effectiveness, so if you don’t have the time to set aside (at least half an hour) each day for concentrated penis exercises, then you will unlikely see the kind of results you hope for with this penis enlargement method.

Penis pumps offer definitive results, there is no question about the extra length and thickness gained when a penis pump is used, however the results are only temporary and within a couple of hours you will need to use the pump again for maximum growth.

Penis enlargement surgery is one of the more extreme methods to undergo for penis enlargement. Actually slicing into the penis to stretch the cavity, some men cringe at the idea of a scar running across their penis and immediately rule out this option. The cost is rather high, but there are many surgeons throughout the United States who are more than capable of performing this expensive, lengthy surgery.

Penis extenders are mechanical type contraptions that you wear on your penis to subtly stretch the area in order to allow more blood to pool in the corpora cavernosa. An interesting option, consumers must be willing to wear the penis extender for a period of time each day for maximum results.

Penis growth patches are in many ways similar to all-natural penis enhancement pills in that they use all-natural ingredients that are delivered trans-dermaly, in the same way nicotine patches deliver nicotine to smokers who are quitting. Penis enlargement pills are usually selected over the patches since they often provide faster more effective results. An all-natural penis pill like XtraSize can really make a difference in your quest for a larger more powerful penis, offering results within the first couple of weeks, and ongoing success with continued use. Find out more about this excellent product now by visiting the XtraSize website.

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