How to control your climax? The most popular tablets that help delay ejaculation

Control Your Climax

How to control your climax? The most popular tablets that help delay ejaculation

Premature ejaculation affects one third of all men around the world. When it comes to sex, men are natural sprinters; we start off with a bang and quickly fizzle out in the end. Granted, most guys do their best to stretch out their performance in bed as long as possible in order to please their loved ones, but many simply cannot last long enough to satisfy women’s needs.

Men experiencing premature ejaculation are by no means selfish; it is a reality, but it can often be controlled. There are products, tricks and methods to prolong the sexual experience.

First let us look at why men experience premature ejaculation.

Men naturally climax faster than women do; it is nature’s way of ensuring the survival of the species. Ejaculation occurs when the muscles on the floor of a man’s pelvis constrict, releasing the sperm. Studies show that these muscles tighten earlier in men who experience premature ejaculation.

An original theory held that some men have more sensitive skin on the penis, hence giving them a more intense sexual sensation and a tendency to climax faster. A lot of men, on the other hand, are capable of going the distance. The fact that some men are fully capable of marathon sex, coupled with the observation that certain medications can delay male ejaculation, leads sexual medicine experts to believe it is a combination of concentration and perhaps a better functioning serotonin system.

Experts agree that timing and reading the body’s signals are good ways to achieve longer lasting sex. Men have a tendency to let their instincts turn them into carnal zombies during sex, going from point A to Z without transition or thinking. Knowing when ejaculation is about to occur is vital to longer lasting sex. The old saying “think about something else” is a fallacy. Once you miss that peak, the game is over.

Men should not try to think about baseball, Janet Reno, or other unrelated things during sex; they should do the exact opposite by concentrating on every single feeling and signal the body is sending out during intercourse. Each man should recognize the feeling right before ejaculation. Once the feeling is identified, many tricks are available.

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