Natural products – safe way to boost semen volume

How important is erection in bed?

Natural products – safe way to boost semen volume

The mechanism of erection is extremely complicated. Before a full erection is reached, a penis must go through different phases of erection. It’s not only about stimulation of the penis, but also the processes that occur after penis reaches the state that allows having an intercourse. The culmination of the sexual act consists of three phases: discharge of semen, semen ejaculation and orgasm.

When muscles of the prostate and vas deferens cramp, semen is pumped into the urethra, which leads to the opening of ejaculatory duct through which semen goes out. Just before ejaculation, a series of pelvic cramps occurs and then semen is moved through the urethra and expelled from the body. In most cases, it’s accompanied by an orgasm, which is also called the peak of sexual arousal. Immediately after that, there is a blood outflow from the penis.

There are many different causes of impotence and may be either physical or mental in nature. Problems with potency may be connected with the following conditions:

total lack of erection – a man is not able to reach an erection regardless of physical or mental factors;
semi-erection – a penis becomes semi-erect but it immediately goes flat and the man doesn’t reach an orgasm;
very short erection accompanied by premature ejaculation;
very short erection with lack of orgasm;
weak erection with semen leakage but not ejaculation.

In the medical world, there is also something like nocturnal emissions, which occur during REM sleep. These involuntary erections are mental in nature. In adolescence a man can also experience an involuntary erection ending with ejaculation, which is also a type of erectile dysfunction.

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