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Prevent Osteoporosis – Take Generic Evista

Generic Evista 60 mg 30 PillsGeneric Evista is an astute estrogen receptor modulator extremely used by women. It is widely used to prevent the growth of osteoporosis past menopause in women. It has a streaming effect on the body. Its mechanism starts through dropping the tapering tissues present in the bones of the human body. However, it does not have any effect on the hot flashes associated with the shortage of estrogen.

About Evista:

Evista medicine is very helpful to women who have reached the stage of menopause in a number of ways. There is a list of known disorders like osteoporosis or decrease in the density of bones and other similar problems, which are faced by women during and after they have reached the menopause phase. It is required to have a proper medication to prevent such problems that happen due to osteoporosis. Evista tablets are available in the market containing Raloxifene which can be used for the treatment of problems in women in post-menopausal phase.


It is recommended not to take Evista tablets if you are allergic or sensitive to Evista products. It is also not advised to take these tablets during the stage of pregnancy, child-bearing or breast feeding. People having a medical history of disorders like thrombembolia, deep venous thrombosis and retinal vein thrombosis, prolonged immobilization, pulmonary embolism or any other liver malfunctions should avoid the consumption of these pills. Taking Evista in above mentioned cases may have some serious side effects or health problems. Some of the side effects include hot flushes, leg cramps, prolonged existence of deep venous thrombosis and retinal vein thrombosis, peripheral edema and further deterioration of pulmonary embolism and thrombembolia.


It is recommended to consult with a doctor before starting to take Evista medication and to inform him about any other prescribed medicines you may be taking in order to avoid any side effects that may appear as a result of mixing of Evista with other types of medication. Some of the pills that may interact with Evista and reduce its effect include the pills used for birth control or hormone replacement, ibuprofen, indomethacin, diazepam, warfarin used for blood thinning, cholestyramine and diazoxide.

Special Instructions:

It is required to follow the below mentioned instructions in order to avoid any side-effects. Evista should not be taken jointly with estrogens. It is recommended that only one should be taken at a time. Also, if the patient is powerless for a long duration of time due to a disease of some sort or any other medical condition that causes weakness for a long time duration taking Evista is not recommended until the patient has regained complete mobility.

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